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Gwen ravage with water tentacle monster

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Hentai Picture: Gwen ravage with water tentacle monster
Prepare to unleash the zestiest facts of the characters you’ve known for ages, fucking like minks on superior series! Another sexy hottie from Ben 10 boasts this gorgeous cleavage to bring to our view and she cannot even think of skipping any male around. Lustful Gwen being screwed by a couple of dudes and sandwiched between two cocks in all imaginable fuck positions…

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Looks like Gwen chooses nerdy damsels…

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Hentai Picture: Looks like Gwen chooses nerdy damsels…
Gwen has great looks and all, but she gets screwed and takes an internal cumshot like a dirty slut. Is it possible to be fed up with A-list Ben 10 naughty pastimes called to take yout breath away and make your lusty Mr. Happy rock-hard? It’s time to plug this big tit Ben 10 teen with a gorgeous bum and a fuck-ready snatch.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: The Adventures of Gwen – Chapter 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: The Adventures of Gwen – Chapter 2

Gwen lay in her bed feeling horny again. While her previous masturbation session cured her of her horniness she now felt that feeling return. Gwen had used her powers to cast a sleeping spell on Ben right as he was coming into the bathroom. Gwen silently cursed herself for not locking the bathroom door. As Gwen tried to go back to sleep the itchy feeling in her pussy stopped her. Suddenly an idea came to her. Quietly Gwen climbed down the ladder of the bunk bed to where Ben was sleeping. Being careful not to wake him up Gwen slipped down her cousins shorts and boxers. Ben dick was already hard for that brief glance he got of Gwen when she was masturbating in the bathroom. Gwen gasped when she saw her cousins cock, she wasn’t sure how big or small it is since this was the first one she saw in real life; what she did know was that it was longer and thicker than her hairbrush. Gwen stepped back from her cousin and slipped out of her clothes, her naked pussy wet from the sight of her cousins cock. Walking softly she approached her cousins bed and then climbed into the bunk so that her knees were either side of Bens cock. Holding the dick steady Gwen lowered her pussy onto the waiting cock. She stopped as the head entered her pussy already overwhelmed with the feeling. Taking a deep breath Gwen slammed her pussy onto her cousins dick taking in all of the 5 inches of Bens cock. Sitting on the cock Gwen let out of moan of pleasure already close to the edge of an orgasm. Slowly Gwen started to rise and dip onto the cock changing the place where it hit her pussy. After a couple of tentative strokes Gwen started to ride the cock much faster and harder until eventually she was petty much jumping on her sleeping cousins crotch. After a certain jump she felt a very intense rip through the entirety of her body, the redhead put a hand to her mouth so that she stops herself from screaming. When her orgasm subsided she rolled off her cousin and pulled on her clothes and pulled up Bens boxers and shorts so that things looked normal. With a smile Gwen fell asleep in her bed. The last thing Gwen heard before she drifted off was Bens voice saying “thanks Gwen” Continue reading
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